Welcome to the Import Coffee webpage

Welcome to the website of the programming association of the faculty of statistical studies of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Here you will find a lot of useful information as well as tutorials, so make yourself comfortable, install your dependencies and import a coffee.

pip install coffee
from Coffee import coffee

Our work in Import Coffee

We are a group of students from the Faculty of Applied Statistics at the UCM, who are passionate about the world of technology and programming. In Import Coffee we carry out a multitude of activities and projects (from workshops and talks to computer applications as well as this wonderful website).

Projects and competitions

Whether it be a neural network application to find space debris, a meteorological station or a portfolio management software, we code it here.

Workshops and seminars

As members of import coffee, we want to provide the university community with the opportunity to learn about technology related topics in the easiest and most captivating way possible.

University life and health

We encourage the proper balance between enjoying leisure time and working. In the association itself, students can find other members they can do cultural and open-air activities with, or anything, to experience the university life to its fullest.